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Sudoku for kids

Sudoku for children are a very good alternative for the little ones in the house to exercise their brain. If you don't believe it, read the following information and encourage your child to play sudokus from now on.

Literacy and number logic

Even younger students can learn to count and identify numbers using the Sudoku tiles. Children can learn to identify and recognize numbers. With the help of parents or a teacher guiding them, they will be able to count in numerical order and learn quickly and entertainingly.

Sudokus teach critical thinking and decision making

Children not only have to think through basic sequences, but they also have to have some spatial understanding to recognize patterns and they must be prepared to make decisions when placing the tiles, even if they are wrong.

Because they may be wrong, flexibility is also encouraged as they learn to make decisions and changes that are necessary. And this is undoubtedly an important life skill.

They learn to carefully observe every detail

Children must be aware when they make mistakes, predict outcomes, and have a general attention to detail. It's a fun way to teach a skill that is otherwise a bit difficult for children to develop.

Free online Sudoku is more "active" than other sedentary activities
Many parents worry that their children spend too much time playing video games or watching television. Sudoku is a healthier and more mentally active form of recreation, because when children play Sudoku their brain is working all the time.

How to get children interested in playing?

1. Solve the puzzles with them
If you sit down with your child and solve the sudoku puzzles, you will help him to become much more interested, since it will be a team effort and you will be able to spend quality time together.

2. Make it an entertaining game
Your ultimate goal is to instill this habit in their lifestyles. If they see Sudoku as a fun activity that has nothing to do with homework, they probably like it better and ask for it every day.

3. Keep sudoku puzzles handy
Keep some web sudoku on hand, when traveling or while waiting for an appointment at the dentist. Children love having something to entertain themselves with so they can kill time.

Sudoku puzzles are not just puzzles to pass time, it is a game that increases the power and skill of the brain.

Help your child to increase his concentration while he is discovering each solution. Therefore, make sure that your child is interested in an activity as healthy as this and you will see how he will reap great benefits.

It also remains to add that it stimulates brain cells, and can help prevent the appearance of some future diseases such as Alzheimer's and dementias. In addition, your little one will improve his capacity for patience, perseverance, effort and organization.

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